Public health research

Improving health outcomes for underserved or at-risk populations, Globatex Research is here to help

We create and administer projects to address health issues aimed at providing better healthcare and public awareness among most-at-risk communities in Ghana.

We sought to assist foundations, governments, non-governments, international organizations and agencies, and healthcare facilities address urgent healthcare challenges and crises, prioritizing access to equitable, sustainable, and high-quality healthcare for the poorest and most vulnerable populations.

Globatex Research sought to bring leading-edge data and analytic capabilities and solutions to help global health organizations translate insights into action. We also build resilient response systems, as well as support response to infectious disease outbreaks and public safety crises.

  • Economics Analysis (Economic Burden of Disease)

    We are experts in carrying out surveys to estimate the economic costs associated with diseases in populations, in order to provide a complete picture of the adverse impact of ill health on human welfare.

  • Public Health Surveillance

    Routine analysis and creation of reports, investigation and confirmation (epidemiological, clinical and/or laboratory) of cases or outbreaks, collection and consolidation of pertinent data, detection and notification of health events, reporting data to the next administrative level, feedback of information to those providing the data

  • Health Outreach Surveys/Community Health Days Assessment

    Our health outreach surveys provide information on health-related services to community residents who are at a socioeconomic disadvantage to address homelessness, drug abuse, mental disorders, youth problems, and prostitution. We conduct local public awareness activities through broad (countywide) and targeted (community-specific) interaction.