Corporate research

Our findings serve as a benchmark for organizations to design their projects and policies

Corporate research has emerged as the fountainhead of evidence and analysis and can answer some of the most fundamental questions facing businesses. However, the business world nowadays is notorious by its overflow of data; this makes finding and using the needed information nearly impossible. It is crucial for organizations to make informed decisions in order to optimize their resource allocations.

At Globatex Research, we provide our clients with analytical studies in order to help them utilize their resources and efforts at the utmost level using primary and secondary data as needed. Clients have generally valued our corporate research as a service bureau to feed relevant data and, where resources and capability permitted, carry out analysis to strengthen the planning exercises of business units.

  • Market/Enterprise Research

    Market Feasibility Studies, Stakeholders Insight Studies (Satisfaction Level and Loyalty Studies, Customer Relationship Management etc.), Product/Service Strategy Development Studies (New Concept Testing), Market Sizing and Segmentation Studies, B2B Surveys, Business Networking Support, SWOT Analysis.

  • Pilot/Baseline Analytical Studies

    Design and plan their projects through good monitoring and evaluation frameworks.
    Determine the priority areas of projects with multiple objectives.
    Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of projects

  • Survey Design and Data Processing

    Preparation of Field Data Collection Manuals, Design Data Collection Instruments/Plans, Recruitment and Training of Enumerators, Data Collection, Entry, and Analysis, Data Validation, Preparation of Fieldwork Report

  • Programme/Project Monitoring and Evaluation

    Learn from experiences to improve operational activities and practices in the future.
    Have internal and external accountability of the resources used and the results obtained.
    Take informed decisions on the future of the initiative.
    Assess the social-economic impact of projects.
    Promote empowerment of beneficiaries of the initiative.

  • Endline Analytical Studies

    Our typical endline studies will help you answer the following key questions:
    What is the impact of the programme/project on the beneficiaries?
    What are the drawbacks of the programme/project?
    What gaps exist in the programme/project’s intervention?
    What are the costs incurred?
    What recommendations can be made for the future?